Thanksgiving Hockey Classic

The 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Hockey Classic will be held from November 24th - 26th at the Three Rivers Athletic Complex in Baldwinsville, NY. There will be three House divisions for the 12U level, A, B, and C (4 game minimum) and 2 divisions for the 14U level, Travel and House (4 game minimum). There are slots for 4 teams per division.

The entry fee is $1000 per team

Tournament medals awarded for 1st and 2nd place, and banners for the champions. Player of the Game award for each game.


This tournament is for 12U and 14U teams.


The tournament takes place on November 24th-26th


Most games will be played at the Three Rivers Athletic Complex in Baldwinsville, NY which is located right off the Thruway and near many hotels and restaurants.

2725 West Entry Road, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Some games will be played at MACC in Cicero, NY which is located not far from I-81.

Midstate Athletic Community Complex

5575 Meltzer Ct.

Cicero, NY 13039


Cost of registration is $1000

We have several options available for payments.


  • Pay full amount on registration.
  • Pay a $100 deposit, and then the balance on Oct. 15th.


  • Pay the full amount by mail-in check within 14 days of registration.
  • Pay a deposit by mail-in check within 14 days or registration, and the balance by Oct 5th.


For questions or information please contact the following:

12U -

14U -


Overtime Bar and Grill which is located within the Three Rivers Athletic Complex will be open and serving breakfast through dinner.


There are many nearby hotels to stay.

Additional Information

If any teams are interested, we can also assist in coordinating a team outing to a Syracuse Crunch game on Friday or Saturday and schedule team game's accordingly.

Tournament Rules

Rules: All games will be played under USA Hockey Rules as modified by the Lysander Youth Hockey Association.

Sign in: Each away team must provide a penalty box attendant for each game. This individual must sign in 15 minutes prior to the start of their game to the information desk. This Volunteer becomes an off-ice official and must remain neutral during the game and help officials if needed.

Team Colors: In all games, the home team will wear white or light color jersey, and the visiting team will wear a dark colored jersey.

Games Times: Coaches are responsible for being aware of the game times prior to the start of their game. Teams should be ready to step on ice 15 minutes before the game starts.

Warm up Period: Teams should be ready to enter the ice for warm up 15 minutes prior to game time. If the tournament is running behind or ahead teams will be expected to be ready to play. Warm up time shall be 3 min.

Periods: Three (3) 15-minute stop-clock periods will be used during this tournament. Running time during the third period will be used if the “mercy rule”; has been enacted.

Penalties: Minor penalties will be 1:30 in length, Major penalties will be 4:00 in length, Misconduct Penalties will be 8:00 in length. Game Misconduct penalties will be enforced according to USA Hockey rules, and result in player/coach missing the remainder of the game and the following game.

Timeouts: Each team will be permitted to take one (1) time out for one (1) minute in duration during the championship game only. This includes any overtime periods.

Game Points: Teams will be awarded points according to the following Win 2 Points. Tie 1 Point. Loss 0 Points.

Resurface: Resurface of the ice will occur between games only.

Tournament Standings: Standings will be compiled by the tournament director and posted at the rink. In the event of a tie of final standings will be determined by the following criteria:

1. Winner of Head-to-Head game

2. Least Goals Against

3. Goals for

4. Least Penalty Minutes Assessed

Championship Games: All championship games must be played. If a division winner is unable to participate in a championship game due to unforeseen reasons, the division runner up will take their place. The team non-participating will forfeit all rights to any and all rewards.

Championship Game Overtime: Tied games after regulation in the championship will result in a 5 minute, 3 on 3, stopped time, sudden death period. A penalty during overtime will result in a 4 on 3 power play. If neither team is victorious, a three round shootout will decide the winner. The home team (higher seed) will have the option of shooting first or second. The order will stay the same in all rounds. If the teams are tied after three rounds, it will go to a sudden death one round with the same order until a winner has been decided. Each player may only be used once until all players on the bench have been used.

Protests: No protest of any kind will be allowed. Judgment calls by the referees are final, and decisions of the tournament director are final. **Please note** USA Hockey has determined that no video footage of any kind will be used to review the official’s decisions.

Goal Judge: Will not be used.

Mercy Rules: A mercy rule will be enacted once a team is ahead by six (6) or more goals. If the team that is behind in the score count is able to bring their score to less than six (6) goals, regular play will commence. A running clock will only take place during period three (3) if the mercy rule is in place.

Zero Tolerance: Referees will be instructed to enforce the zero tolerance rules. NO ABUSE of any game official will be tolerated, and no preliminary warning will be issued before a game misconduct penalty may be assessed. The tournament director reserves the right to remove from the arena players, coaches, and or spectators who violate USA Hockey zero tolerance policy.

Any players or team officials assessed a penalty for fighting will be automatically suspended by USA Hockey officiating rules. Players and or coaches who are under suspension from USA Hockey for a game misconduct penalty for fighting are not eligible to participate in tournament games.

Players, coaches, and parents are subject to removal for any abusive or intolerable behavior, and should be fully aware of the potential consequences for their actions at all times.

2023 Tournament

Lysander's 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Hockey Classic.

Friday-Sunday November 24-26

$1000 Registration

USA Hockey Sanctioning # NYT2324100


12U A | B | C 
14U House & Travel

4 Teams Per Division


Restaurant /Full Bar
Nearby Hotels Available

Schedule & Results
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